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Transforming Lives - Masters Degree Childrens Book

A Master Degree and a Childrens Book

Sudhir and Monica received their master’s degrees and were working at the same college when they met and fell in love. Even though Sudhir was a Christian and Monica a Hindu, they ignored the disapproval of their parents and were married. »»

Transforming Lives - I Want to be Clean Water

I Want to be Clean Water

Darimil is the one of the students at the School for the Deaf in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is a part of the “Life on Life” program there. »»

Transforming Lives - Nandini's Secret

Nandini’s Secret

Nandini comes from a Hindu family and lives in a slum close to a garbage dump. She loves being part of the club, listening to stories, singing songs, and playing games. To look at her, you could not imagine the horror she experiences at home. »»

Transforming Lives -- No Longer a Useless Rogue

No Longer a Useless Rogue

Khalid was a gang member at 15 years of age. He and his band of gang brothers carried knives and roamed the area near the Delhi Airport, intimidating travelers who were coming into or leaving the country. »»

Turkey Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis Response: Turkey

We want to celebrate some encouraging news about what God is doing through YOU! »»

Transforming Lives- Rukmini Rushita Pray for Their Father

Rukmini and Rushita Pray for Their Father

Rukmini and Rushita’s father considered them to be idol worshippers who had angered the Hindu gods. He believed the family’s misfortune was because the children had decided to follow the teachings of Jesus. »»

Transforming Lives - Learning What Love Is

Learning What Love Is

After Divya’s parents abandoned her, her grandmother offered her to the Hindu temple and she was trafficked into sexual slavery. At just fourteen years of age, Divya had become a temple prostitute. »»

Transforming lives -- Children Matter to God

Children Matter to God

Pastor David clutched the microphone. His hands were shaking. Confession can be so difficult, especially for a pastor. With his head bowed and his eyes closed tightly, he prayed this prayer before his congregation: »»

Transforming Lives -- Broken Window Unbroken Love

Broken Window Unbroken Love

The window crashed when the football hit it, and Joseph ran and hid. Sound familiar? It’s tough to confess when we break something—literally or figuratively. »»

Transforming Lives - Leaving Worries in God's Hands

Leaving Her Worries in God’s Hands

Since the death of her father and burdened with the cost of her sister’s college tuition, the financial strains in Shirisha’s home are many. »»

Transforming Lives -- The Lord is His Shepherd

The Lord is His Shepherd

Lazarus is 13 years old. His father left his mother to marry another woman, abandoning him and his younger sister. But Lazarus’s father refused to provide any sort of assistance, leaving the burden of responsibility solely on their mother. »»

Transforming Live - A God Who Hears

A God Who Hears

Saraswathi’s life has been one of poverty, violence and abandonment. At just ten years of age, she and her sisters fled their father to be safe. »»

Transforming Lives -- Standing up to Bullies

Standing up to Bullies

Pushapa Raju comes from a Christian family, although he lives in Vijayawada, India, where the predominant religion is Hinduism. »»

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