Little Girl

Am I Loved?

The Life on Life curriculum for children at risk promotes holistic growth through trauma-informed lessons that are child-centered and include active learning, play, and art therapy. The curriculum is designed to help vulnerable children who have experienced difficult...
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Local churches across the world are using the Story of Jesus to talk about Christ.

From the Amazon to North Korea…

local churches are using the Story of Jesus to tell neighbors about Christ. It prompted more than 15 million contacts in the first year. Click here to find out how little it costs for you to put thousands more copies into the hands of people who are eager to read...
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A microSD chip is tiny, cheap and can hold an entire library on one disk.

Tiny and Mighty

An abundance of books, Christian radio and the Internet give us access to the materials we need to grow in faith. In much of the world, however, resources are unavailable or banned. The challenge is to provide what people need in a way that they can use. A microSD...
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A Special Transformation

A Special Transformation

The Sara Home is a place for children with special needs. Abandoned children with autism, cerebral palsy and other disabilities are given support for a life time. They receive good shelter, food and education according to their abilities. Aunty Kusuma started the J127... read more

The Power of Partnership

You’re a unique kind of investor. How so? You’ve got vision to see the life-changing potential of local churches around the globe, serving the communities where God has planted them. And you invest financial support to see that vision come alive. You understand that... read more

A Master Degree and a Childrens Book

Sudhir and Monica received their master’s degrees and were working at the same college when they met and fell in love. Even though Sudhir was a Christian and Monica a Hindu, they ignored the disapproval of their parents and were married. Shortly after, at Sudhir’s... read more

I Want to be Clean Water

Darimil is the one of the students at the School for the Deaf in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is a part of the “Life on Life” program there. The lesson on “Dealing with Pain and Death” was life changing for Darimil. He stood before two glasses in one lesson;... read more

Nandini’s Secret

Nandini comes from a Hindu family and lives in a slum close to a garbage dump. She loves being part of the club, listening to stories, singing songs, and playing games. To look at her, you could not imagine the horror she experiences at home. Her dad is a raging... read more

No Longer a Useless Rogue

Khalid was a gang member at 15 years of age. He and his band of gang brothers carried knives and roamed the area near the Delhi Airport, intimidating travelers who were coming into or leaving the country. Because of an altercation during which a boy from another gang... read more

Learning What Love Is

After Divya’s parents abandoned her, her grandmother offered her to the Hindu temple and she was trafficked into sexual slavery. At just fourteen years of age, Divya had become a temple prostitute. I was raped. I was ruined. It was a living hell,” Divya says. A living... read more

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