Our Mission

Equipping the Church with Christ-centered resources for making and teaching disciples who obediently transform today’s generations.

Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. – Matthew 28:19


It’s not a suggestion.

It’s not a request.

It’s a mission.


David C Cook has been providing church-equipping resources since 1875. The ministry arm of the organization publishes and distributes discipleship and worship materials that are transforming lives around the world.

Whether it is a church around the corner or a child halfway around the world…

The right discipleship and worship resources help people deepen their relationship with Christ. But in many places throughout the world, poverty and politics keep these resources out of reach for those who need them most.

At David C Cook we use our own resources – combined with donors’ investments – to equip church leaders worldwide with the books, materials, and music they need to share the Gospel and shepherd their flock. We make the message valuable for today’s generations, by translating these materials into native languages, making the content culturally relevant, and sharing stories that reflect people’s personal experiences.

Ministering to Those Who Minister to Others

In India David C Cook is helping pastors to strengthen their own faith in a culture driven by oral storytelling. We have distributed hundreds of thousands of 18-volume leadership libraries to new pastors and church leaders. In addition to India Childrenprint materials, we also distribute thousands of digital SD chips, which can be plugged into inexpensive mobile phones. Each chip includes 65 hours of recorded audiobooks, biblical stories and Bible studies – all read in Hindi. Because many church leaders support themselves with a second job, the recordings let them listen and learn throughout the day, so they can share these message with their congregation later.

Helping the Church Change Lives

China ClassroomThe popularity of Christian literature in China continues to grow every year. In the world’s most populous country, David C Cook publishes numerous new titles each year–and these books and resources are vital sources of inspiration.

To maintain our ministry in China, we work directly with the Chinese government, signing formal agreements and obtaining written permission to legally publish books and resources. Year after year, one step at a time, our efforts in China give believers much-needed affirmation and support.

Healing with Hope and Divine Grace

In developing nations around the world, people of all ages struggle with extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, and drug and alcohol abuse. Too often, these tragedies reinforce the ancient traditions of witchcraft and devil worship and encourage a Classroomculture of fear and despair – especially for impressionable, vulnerable children and young teens. By partnering with local churches in struggling countries, David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum delivers the important message of Christ’s unconditional love and forgiveness to those most in need of His redemptive grace.

In partnership with local churches, the Life on Life Project encourages holistic transformation in the lives of children and young teens, helping them to become rooted in faith and to develop the skills and character qualities they need to empower them to become healthy Christian adults. Life on Life is appropriate for all children and young teens, including those considered vulnerable and at-risk.

For more information about the Life on Life Project, visit lifeonlifeproject.com.