About David C Cook

David C. Cook was a real person who began a ministry to street children and slum residents 137 years ago in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire. You can read that history by clicking here.  He had passion and a clear mission. Those live on larger than ever, which is why we continue to carry his name.

Today David C Cook is:

…a ministry…

Our calling is found in the biblical mandate of Matthew 28:19 where Jesus tells us to

“go and make disciples of all nations.”

We live out that calling through our Mission Statement:

“To equip the Church with Christ-centered resources for making and teaching disciples who obediently transform today’s generations”

…a publisher of books and other learning resources…

David C Cook is known as a thought leader for our engaging and practical books on Christian living themes.

We are also well-known for our Sunday school curriculum, small group materials and other discipleship resources. See the latest resources at SundaySchool.com and Disciplr.com, both part of the David C Cook family.

…a producer and publisher of worship music…

Nearly half of the contemporary worship songs widely sung in churches are from David C Cook’s music division – Integrity Music. We consider these powerful songs another way to make and teach disciples.


Many see David C Cook as a successful business. While it is true that we practice high levels of professionalism and seek to make profits, the fact is that we have no stockholders. By producing high quality products that people want, we earn money, but not for the benefit of investors. Rather, the surplus is invested back into our mission. “Profits” are used to deliver discipleship resources into other parts of the world where people do not have them and cannot afford them. Watch this.


David C Cook is deeply committed to the global Church. There is one Body of Christ. We aim to serve the Church in all parts of the world.  At home, Christians buy the books, music, media and other resources we produce. We take the surplus we earn, together with donations, and provide vital resources throughout the developing world. This hybrid approach of both earning and giving enables us to serve most areas of the globe.

A map of places where David C Cook resources are sold.




Orange shows places where David C Cook resources are sold.

A map of places where David C Cook resources are given away or subsidized.






Purple shows places where David C Cook resources are given away or subsidized.



Our two methods reach different people, as we act on Jesus’ instruction to go to all nations.