How to help women who have been raped.This is a portion from a much larger book, Trauma Kit Haiti. The kit was a specially designed book, in both English and Creole, for use following the Haitian earthquake of 2010, although it can be used in any setting where pastors, lay leaders, Sunday school teachers, and parents are dealing with trauma. This kit, given at no cost to the people of Haiti by David C Cook, was distributed within months of the earthquake by over 120 Christian organizations. This kit is no longer widely available. For more information about the components of this kit or for information on how your Christian organization might review and repurpose sections of the kit, e-mail

This excerpt, 'How Can We Help Women Who Have Been Raped?' comes from the section in the kit, Healing the Wounds of Trauma in Haiti, originally developed by Wycliffe Africa, and edited for Haiti by David C Cook.

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