Life on Life Overview

You can help to transform a nation by helping vulnerable and at-risk children to heal and grow through the holistic discipleship provided by the Life on Life curriculum!

What Is Life on Life?

Life on Life curriculum offers biblically based discipleship for children (ages 9–11) and teens (ages 12–14) so they will love and follow Jesus and develop character qualities and life skills to help them grow into healthy adults. Students learn through 3 types of lessons:Fervent Prayer

  • Spiritual Formation—Students are transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit as they learn what it means to love and follow Jesus as children of the heavenly Father
  • Character Development—Students are encouraged to develop character qualities in response to their right relationships with God so that change is internally motivated.
  • Life Skills—Students learn valuable skills to help them grow as healthy members of the family of God and their communities while preparing them for life as adults.

When you look at all the lessons together, you will see that this curriculum deals with the whole person: spiritual, social, physical, and emotional. This holistic program shows students that God is a part of every aspect of their lives. Learning Christian values is important but developing a right relationship with God is more important—and living rightly will follow.

What Makes Life on Life Unique?

childLife on Life lessons deal with the specific needs of children and young teens who do not come from ideal situations. Many may live in broken or fatherless homes. Some may be orphans. Others may be hungry or abused. Some are receiving only limited education and may never reach their full potential. All are loved by God and in need of His hope in their lives.

Lessons are biblically based, student centered, and active. Students participate in games and activities and engage in learning through thought-provoking questions and personalized discussion. In every lesson, students explore God’s Word and learn how to apply it to their lives.

How was Life on Life Developed?

Life on Life was developed by David C Cook in 2010 in response to requests from pastors in India for discipleship materials for vulnerable and at-risk children. In 2011, the Church of Uganda requested these materials to use in their Sunday school classes, so the curriculum was revised in partnership with in-country editors from the Ugandan church.

Where is Life on Life Used?

Currently Life on Life is being used in 29 countries in 13 different languages to transform the lives of nearly 7 million children and young teens worldwide. Each version of the curriculum has been co-created with ministry partners in the country where it is used. Lessons are contextualized and translated to minister to each culture’s children and young teens.

Life on Life Current Program Locations

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