Helping Communities Heal: Refugees

The headlines have been trumpeting the refugee crisis happening across the world. In response, David C Cook has developed a Crisis Response Curriculum for organizations working with refugee children, called Helping Communities Heal: Refugees (click here to download a sample for review purposes only). It is designed to help parents and/or volunteers who serve refugee children with the trauma they have experienced.

Helping Communities Heal - Refugee Cover

Click the cover to download a sample.

This short curriculum booklet contains 6 lessons, including:

  • I Can Trust God, Even Though We Left Our Home
  • God Listens To My Fears
  • Someone I Know Died
  • God Can Heal My Emotions
  • I Know There Is Life After Death
  • A Prayer Walk

Additionally, we have included Resource Articles written by experts which help the parent/volunteer better understand how to interact with the child(ren). These articles include:

  • Understanding Refugee Children & Youth
  • Teaching Across Cultures
  • Meeting The Needs of the Cross-Cultural Kids
  • Helping Children & Youth Cope With Worry
  • How To Help Children & Youth Grieve
  • Creating Safety For Traumatized Children & Youth

All lessons are trauma-informed and no supplies are necessary except what are commonly available – leaves, sticks, pebbles or a piece of cloth, for example.

Currently this resource is available as a free PDF booklet in English. If your organization would like to have the curriculum in another language, please indicate this on the contact form below. We will contact you about working together to co-create the resource in your chosen language. Printing and distribution would be the responsibility of the partnering organization after signing an agreement with David C Cook.

In addition, David C Cook is making available the Story of Jesus, a short graphic-art evangelistic booklet, for organizations to distribute to refugee children. This visual booklet will engage children to learn more about the amazing God who cares for them. This booklet has been created in many different languages. David C Cook would be happy to partner with your organization if you are interested in printing this booklet. Note: printing and distribution would be the responsibility of the organization.

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