Sponsor an Orphan Club

A child in his bed at an orphanage supported by Global Church donations.

An orphanage is not enough

Put yourself in an orphan’s situation. Imagine you recently witnessed the deaths of your parents. Worse yet, you may have watched their murder which is, sadly, common. Next you end up in an orphanage. You are safe and fed, but left alone to deal with your broken heart and massive uncertainties about life. You have nothing to call your own but your bed. Now, please understand this is not criticism of orphanages. We work with many fine children’s homes. They simply have their hands full caring for the physical needs of the children. They recognize they are not able to meet all the deep hurts that the children carry inside. They care, but do not have the time, funds, or skills to help them that way. That’s why they welcome the J127 club. It is a living example of James 1:27 that calls us to care for orphans in their distress. Shouldn’t the goal be to get these children adopted or in foster homes? For a host of legal and cultural reasons, these orphans will never leave the group home until they become too old to stay, usually sometime in their teens, and are sent away. That is why it is urgent to help these children work through their hurts, learn to follow Jesus and get prepared for life on their own.

How clubs work

Believers from nearby churches, called Auntie and Uncles, nurture the children.One of the important features of the J127 Orphan Initiative is that we bring in believers from nearby churches who love the children and nurture them through the club program. These leaders, often a husband and wife, model healthy families. They are friends, not teachers. The children call them auntie and uncle. David C Cook staff help train and supervise the aunties and uncles. It is important for the children to have caring adults in their lives who engage with them frequently. We provide well-planned activities that draw out the children and lead them to health, faith and wholeness.

Orphan clubs provide planned activities that lead them to health, faith and wholeness.The J127 program has activities for the kids every day of the week, with group sessions three times each week. Some orphanages have multiple clubs because we keep the ratio of children to leaders low enough for personal trust relationships to grow between the children and their auntie and uncle. Groups usually range between 15 and 35 orphans with  two leaders. The program runs for three years, enough time to build a solid life foundation.

Your part

Becoming involved with orphaned kids is the short-term mission trip of a lifetime! This is not a typical child sponsorship. Food, clothing, housing and education are already provided. What they need is soul care and inner healing which take time and personal attention.

Your donations helps cover in-country supervision, ongoing training for the leaders, the program content, activity materials and improvements at the orphanage. There are substantial additional costs paid by David C Cook including the cost to start each group and maintain it until sponsors adopt the club. All costs for global oversight and new content development are also fully paid by David C Cook.

Some people enjoy sponsoring a club entirely by themselves. Others like to enlist friends to join them in sponsoring a club. Or, we can match you with other sponsors if you like.

Later, you can become involved with the kids as much or little as you wish. You can visit them. It will be the short-term mission trip of a lifetime! You can connect with them in other ways without traveling. Whether you choose to be actively involved or not, our staff will give you updates on the progress in your kids’ lives.

Take the next step

Contact us for a list of clubs now available for sponsorship. Each group of orphans is unique. Would you prefer a group of boys or girls or a mix? The children come from different backgrounds. Learn why they live in the home. Some are rescued from life on the streets where they were forced to work for strangers as virtual slaves. Some have lost both parents. Others are semi-orphans. Those have a living relative, but cannot live with them because, for example, their mother is a prostitute and it is not safe to live with her. The parents of others have leprosy. Still others escaped extreme family violence. We will give you choices. Whichever group you select, you will know that you are bringing life to the children who Jesus called “the least of these.”

Use the form below or call us at 719-785-3023 to tell us you are interested. We will answer your questions and assist you in setting up a connection with your own group of special children.